3D Productions: Sports, Music and Films

Wimbledon - Luxuslärm - Isle of Wright Festival - Speedway GP - RWC 2011 - Transformers

In Wimbledon four matches were covered in 3D this year: The Men’s Singles Semi-Finals, The Women’s Final, and the Men’s Final. In Berlin "aha international" produced three exceptionally music acts in 3D: the Fauré Quartet, Tangologia and Luxuslärm. Sky UK for the first time produced the Isle of Wright Festival in 3D with a Telegenic 3D truck, while ACS covered for Sky Sports the Speedway GP in 3D. New Zealand is looking forward to see the Rugby World Cup half-finals and the final in 3D and Cameron Pace Group announced details of the 3D production of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon".