2-3-inch UHD Production Cameras at NABShow2015


Ultra HD cameras with 2/3-inch sensors, or at least the ability to use broadcast lenses with the deep depth of field needed for fast-moving sports coverage, are a hot topic and there are currently four main camera manufacturers that have - or will - release Ultra HD cameras with 2/3-inch sensors that could meet the needs of sports production.
Cameras that take B4-mount lenses allow users to zoom in just as much as they do with an HD camera, without the problem of dealing with shallow depth of field, which makes focusing tricky and risks missing some of the action. It is also far better for sports use at large venues, which need much longer lenses than most other productions, as a 100x zoom lens for a 2/3-inch camera is a lot smaller and lighter than a 100x lens for a large sensor camera would be.

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