XD Motion Drone at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park in Sochi


A dedicated remotly piloted aircraft (RPA Drone) was developed by XD motion to cover the Slopestyle snowboarding and Slopestyle skiing events at the Rosa Khutor Exteme Park during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The RPA Drone carries an HD camera with RF link.

XD motion had to build a drone to fly long enough to follow the runs of the competitors from start to finish. Finally XD motion achieved a flying time of 16 minutes before the batteries need to be changed.


The technical specifications are as follows:
3 axis gyro head,
wingspam: 1.30m,
weight: 5Kg,
6 propelles,
speed up to 70km/h to follow the slopestylers competitors


Last but not least XD motion needed to convince the Russian Federal Security Service to get a flying licence for Sochi. A lot of questions needed to be answered very accurately and the system was controlled many times. In the end it was worth to run through all the proceedures because the images delivered by the RPA Drone from the Slopestyle competitions were really great and astonishing.