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Vimond Discuss Second-Screen Experience


Vimond Media Solutions announces that Marketing and Communications Director Henriette Saether will participate in a panel discussion at the Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe Football Production Summit in Paris on Wednesday, March 6 at 17:00. The session, titled "The Multi-screen Experience: Beyond Broadcast," will cover what it takes to create the second-screen experience football fans want.

Saether will lend Vimond's perspective and unique experience in OTT content delivery to the discussion. More and more football fans are staying connected via mobile devices, tablets, or the Internet. Increasingly, they are watching matches on their HDTV sets while using mobile devices or tablets for additional information related to the match. The panel will explore what types of content fans are looking for on the second-screen, and how broadcasters and federations can most easily meet those needs.

The Programme of the SVG Football Production Summit 2013

10:00: Registration begins; Networking Breakfast

11:00-12:00: Tour of Stade de France

12:00-13:00: Networking Lunch

13:00-13:30: Keynote Conversation: Football, Multi-screen Offerings, and the Fan: A FIFA Perspective
Every football club, league, and TV partner is working hard to understand how to engage football fans through second-screen devices like phones, tablets, and computers. FIFA’s Stefan-Eric Wildemann is at the center of FIFA’s efforts to better understand this quickly developing marketplace. What are the best ways to engage fans on second screens before, during, and after the match? And what is the relationship between the first screen and second screen experience? Wildemann discusses these topics and more during our opening keynote conversation.


13:30-14:15: The Future of Football Broadcasting
Broadcasters of football matches today have a number of new tools at their disposal to enhance their productions. Virtual graphics, super slo-motion replay, and now 4K are all available to improve coverage and analysis. How are top football production teams enhancing the quality of their productions in 2013 and where are the technology gaps?

Riccardo Botta, Sky Italia, Head of Sport Production and Operations
François-Charles Bideaux, Canal+, Director of Sports Production
Nicholas Déal, UEFA/Event Broadcast, V and A Project Leader
Martin Knight, BSkyB Sport, Technical Producer
Alessandro Reitano, Sky Deutschland, Director Sports Production

14:15-14:45: Analysis Tools: From Virtual Graphics…
A number of companies in the virtual graphics market are changing the way football can be analysed. Learn about some of the newest features and what customers can expect to see for the rest of 2013.

Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG Europe, Editorial Director
Stephan Würmlin-Stadler, LiberoVision, CEO
Ofir Benovici, Orad Hi-Tec Systems, Vice President, Marketing
Ian Wray, Hego, Group Sales Director


14:45-15:15: …to Broadcast Graphics
Broadcast graphics systems continue to evolve, whether it is automatically delivering graphics to the small screen or offering improved template-based operations, cloud-based workflows, and more. Learn about some of the newest features and what customers can expect to see for the rest of 2013.

Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG Europe, Editorial Director
Neale Connell, Alston Elliot, Director
Paul Glasgow, Chyron, VP Sales EMEA
Mike Ward, Reality Check Systems, Head of EMEA Operations

15:15-15:30: Networking Break

15:30-16:15: Federation and Club Perspectives
Football federations and clubs walk a fine line to meet the expectations of fans and rights holders. Learn about what technology, production, and distribution issues they are paying attention to, how they may change the way the sport is covered, and what they need out of rights holders, venues, and manufacturers to improve the fan experience.

Tim Achberger, Sportcast/Bundesliga, Executive Assistant
Ignacio Arrola Albarracin, Mediapro/La Liga
Nick Morgan, Premier League, Broadcast Operations Manager
Petro Mynch, Arsenal Broadband, Production Manager


16:15-17:00: Next-Generation Production: 4K, 3D, and Super Slo Mo
The global appeal of football makes it a key driver for next-generation production and distribution tools, whether it be 3D, 4K, or super slo-motion camera systems. Manufacturers and broadcasters discuss the latest developments in next-generation acquisition and distribution systems, what role 4K can play in football production today, and the future of 3D and 4K distribution to the home.

Duncan Humphreys, CAN Communicate, Partner
Grant Best, BT, Senior Channel Executive Producer
Robin Broomfield, BSkyB, 3D Operations and Development Manager
Stephane Dery, Canon France Professional Imaging Group Director
Mark Grinyer, Sony Europe, Head of Live Production Business Development – 4K, 3D and Sports
Berti Kropac, Kropac Media, Managing Director

17:00-17:45: The Multi-screen Experience: Beyond Broadcast
More and more football fans are staying connected via mobile devices, tablets, or the Internet. And, increasingly, they are watching the match on their HDTV set while using their mobile device or tablet for additional information related to the match. What type of content are they looking for on the second screen and how can broadcasters and federations most easily meet their needs?

David Davies, SVG Europe, Managing Editor
Nicolas Bourdon, EVS, Marketing and Communications Director
David Collet, Opta, Director France
Carlo De Marchis, Deltatre, CTO
Richard Craig McFeely, TATA Communications, Business Development Director
Christopher Rapaport, Netco Sports, Consultant
Henriette Sæther, Vimond, Director of Marketing and Communications

17:45-19:00: Networking Reception

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