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Telecast Fiber Systems and Lighthouse Jumbovision Power World-Class HD Video Display Installation at American Airlines Center

The American Airlines Center

Thanks to state-of-the-art fiber optic transport gear from Telecast Fiber Systems, a dazzling new array of 23 Lighthouse LED video screens in the American Airlines Center is giving the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars even more to cheer about. Telecast's Python II™ and Rattler™ HD/SDI fiber transmit/receive systems seamlessly transmit all video feeds for the installation, which boasts the only 1920 x 1080 high-definition (HD) video screens in an NBA or NHL facility and ensures broadcast-studio-quality HD viewing for every seat in the house.

The Telecast Fiber gear has given us complete peace of mind

"With such a large-scale and complex installation, every variable needs to be completely reliable and rock-solid," said Randy Breedlove, manager of broadcast services for the American Airlines Center. "The Telecast Fiber gear has given us complete peace of mind and ensures that all feeds are delivered to the right devices in a high-quality and dependable manner. There is no question that the Telecast equipment is a perfect fit for our requirements."

A center-hung LED display featuring four 1080p HD screens

The installation and system integration was provided by Lighthouse partner TS Sports, and the LED technology was supplied by Lighthouse Jumbovision. The centerpiece of the American Airlines Center's new video display system is a center-hung LED display featuring four 1080p HD screens, four scoring screens, and two advertising screens. The installation also includes two stadium-sized video screens and a 360-degree fascia banner encircling the entire arena to display dynamic advertising content clearly visible from any seat. A single Telecast Python II transmit/receive unit handles all eight bidirectional HD/SDI video feeds for the center-hung display. In addition, TS Sports also installed four Telecast Rattler miniature transmit/receive systems to deliver HD/SDI feeds from the arena's production control room to the scoreboard control room, where they are received by Lighthouse's proprietary processing system for delivery to LED boards throughout the venue. In the near future, the American Airlines Center plans to install three additional Python II units to expand its video capabilities to 32 channels.


Seamless, reliable transmission of HD video feeds

"The American Airlines Center is a high-profile, high-end installation that has set a new benchmark for quality, resolution, and performance," said Ed Whitaker, director of sales for Lighthouse Jumbovision. "As such, we would not think of choosing anything but Telecast Fiber equipment for seamless, reliable transmission of HD video feeds. We have a long-standing relationship with Telecast and have always been able to depend on the company's products to help our clients get optimal results from even the most complex fiber optic video projects."