STV at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Thumbs up for STV - Marcel Merciak, Jakub Jágerský and Daniel Visvader (left to right)

“It’s good to be back!” That is the message from Slovakian broadcast­er STV, who are on site at the FIFA World Cup™ IBC for the first time since 1998. “Since [Slovakia’s] inde­pendence in 1994, STV has broad­cast every FIFA World Cup™, but the last two we did not attend,” explained Team Leader Marcel Merciak. “We are here thanks to the national team, with no qualifi­cation we would have broadcast from a studio.”

It is not just the 12 STV staff who are glad the channel is in South Africa, their viewers will experience top-level coverage with all 64 matches live, and avail­able for the first time in HD. The dedicated sports channel Trojka will showcase every match, while the Jednotka channel will simultaneously broadcast the chosen game of the day.

A lot has changed since 1998, but for STV it did not take long to get their groove back. “We had details from HBS of how everything was going to work, and we were present at the WBM in 2009 so it hasn’t been an issue being away,” Marcel continued. “Things are much the same as I remember from 1998, although obviously with many improvements.” For a smaller broadcaster the need for extensive levels of footage may not be as great, but the services provided are more than enough to cover STV’s requirements. “The EBIF Show is really enough for our needs. We only have a population of five million, but of that around 1.2 million will tune in for Slovakia’s games.”

With continuous broadcasts from 13:00 to 18:00 during the group stage, as well as a 45-minute highlight show after the evening game there is certainly enough to keep Slovakian fans entertained. “For regular matches not involving Slovakia we are expecting around 400-800,000 viewers, for the big knockout games we will be looking for around one million,” Marcel concluded.