SIS LIVE Turns to Grass Valley Super SloMo Cameras

The Grass Valley LDK-8300 camera can shoot at 1X, 2X, and 3X normal frame rates

SIS LIVE, the largest outside broadcast contractor in the UK, has placed its first order  with Grass Valley™ for five LDK-8300 Super SloMo cameras. Having increased its revenues dramatically over the last three years, SIS LIVE selected the market-leading LDK 8300 over competitive options, to support anticipated growth in sports contracts in the UK during 2012.

Already familiar with the LDK 8300 Super SloMo cameras— having rented them when required — SIS LIVE recognized the need to reduce its rental bill and worked with Grass Valley on several technical trials before making the investment.

“The trials were so successful, we actually ordered more cameras than we had originally planned,” said David Meynell, Managing Director of SIS LIVE.  “Our growth as a business has come from providing our clients with the facilities they need, and it is no surprise that alongside the growth in HD over the last few years, clients have also specified creative requirements, of which super slo-mo is just one.


The Grass Valley LDK 8300 camera can shoot at 1X, 2X, and 3X normal frame rates, for smooth slow-motion replays available instantly with no signal processing. The camera also provides a normal frame rate output and, because it is optically and electronically identical to the LDK-8000 Elite HD camera, it can be intercut seamlessly, saving the need for an extra camera, position, and operator.

“For a vendor to succeed in the broadcast market today, it has to do much more than offer products for sale,” said Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President at Grass Valley. “We have to develop relationships with our customers, to understand what drives their businesses, and how together we can develop solutions to achieve their goals. Meeting David and his team at NAB started a new relationship with SIS LIVE, and we are proud to be working with them as they continue their strong growth.”


“Having historically bought cameras from other manufacturers, the technical capabilities were important but so too was the relationship with Grass Valley,” added Meynell. “We met [Grass Valley CEO] Alain Andreoli at NAB earlier this year, and from that discussion not only have we placed this order for cameras, we are also having detailed discussions about two new HD trucks we need to build later this year in time for the Olympics.”

“Grass Valley is very pleased to solidify our partnership with SIS with this significant order, and look forward to helping grow and develop their business in the coming years,” added Philip Neighbour, Managing Director, Northern European region.