SBS Korea at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Taeyoug Kwon of SBS

As the only 2010 FIFA World Cup™ broadcast­er for the Korean Republic, SBS’s Deputy Chief Engineer, Taeyoug Kwon hopes for big things from the event. “At the Olympic Games in Van­couver,” Kwon says, “we had 50% of the Ko­rean public as viewers – we expect more for this event.”

One innovation this time for SBS will be in their use of two commentators and an announcer for all Korean Republic games. “Usually,” Kwon explains, “the viewers have their favourite commentators, and will choose a station based on whose voice is heard during the match. We tested this new model in Korea to a very good reaction.”

3D is another innovation that SBS is very excited about – as well as showing all 64 games in HD and SD, SBS is planning to make extensive use of the games available in 3D. The scale of SBS’ operation required the arrival of ten tonnes of equipment, delivered on 10 May, including three OB vans which will be set up soon. There will be 14 technicians working with the OB vans, a commentary team of three and nine members of staff at the IBC itself. “So far everything has gone extremely smoothly,” Kwon continues, “HBS and the people at the IBC have been very helpful – everything is on schedule, we are set up and ready to receive!”