Rushmans Destination Sochi Generates Immediate Demand


Rushmans Destination Sochi (RDS), which was set up to provide the ultimate inside track knowledge, resource and support service for broadcasters, teams (NOCs), sponsors and others working in the Black Sea city during the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and future events, has attracted significant attention from across the sports industry since its launch last month.

"We are fielding enquiries on a daily basis and the level of interest certainly confirms our belief that there is a tremendous demand to do sports business in Sochi that is not supported by the confidence to invest in operations in a culturally and commercially challenging environment" said Nigel Rushman of Rushmans Destination Sochi.

Despite Russia's growing footprint on the world of sport, it remains a commercially and legally complex place for overseas organisations to operate in.

"Everything from arranging visas to employing staff, renting property or identifying the best suppliers can be difficult and could put dissuade corporations from investing in operations in Sochi at a time where they is so much to be achieve here," said Bruce Talley, Founder of Destination Sochi which is the longest established western owned business services operation in the city.


"Our role is to provide access to the local knowledge, expertise and services which sports businesses need to operate in one of the fastest developing sports cities on earth. We will help them to operate as confidently here as they do in the home towns."

Rushmans Destination Sochi offers a broad range of locally resourced and delivered event and destination management services which include fully serviced broadcast studios, production services, NOC houses and entertainment/ hospitality venues, accommodation, transport, food and beverage and staffing.


"Our legacy promises in terms of developing cooling technology will continue, summer or winter."

Sochi's reputation as a world class sports host city is growing by the year. After the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games the city will host Russia’s first F1 Grand Prix, as well as matches during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The legacy of world-class facilities and infrastructure created for the Olympics will ensure its future as a host of national, regional and international events across winter and non-winter sports.

Rushmans Destination Sochi will provide a specialised 360 degree service for sports sector organisations operating in the city by drawing on an unparalleled knowledge of Sochi, its culture and the Russian legal and commercial systems coupled with more than 30 years expertise of expediting major event services throughout the world.

Rushmans, which supplied and managed broadcast studios facilities for some of the world’s leading broadcasters during the London 2012 Olympic Games has provided planning, management, security and media services to events including the IRB Rugby World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, UEFA’s Euros and the CAF Cup of Nations among others.


"Sochi is leading Russia's emergence as a key destination for major international sports events and the global sports family and the companies which service international sport need to be able to operate as simply and effectively there as in any other city."

"Rushmans Destination Sochi is founded on in-depth local knowledge and expertise coupled with top-end event planning and management skills developed over many years. In tandem these enable us to offer a service which will enable sports organisations to operate as confidently and creatively in Sochi as they would in their home cities," said Nigel Rushman.

"Whether the requirement is for specialist accommodation, hospitality and entertainment, or state of the art broadcast suites, Rushmans Destination Sochi will deal with all aspects of planning, acquisition and contracts, cutting through the red tape to enable clients to focus on their primary objectives. "

Bruce Talley, Founder of Destination Sochi said: "Our Company is here on the ground and has long-term practical experience both in the business and in the legal spheres in Russia. We know Sochi, know service and understand how to deliver efficiently and consistently as well as how to surmount the challenges of this new economy and maximise the opportunities in this exciting new destination."