PRG Provides Technical Equipment for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games

Marina Bay was the location for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Marina Bay, in the heart of Singapore, was the location for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, which took place from the 14th to the 26th of August. Creative director Ivan Heng, show producer Vernon Teo, and the artistic team that included lighting designer Koert Vermeulen of ACT Lighting Design, presented the ceremonies, which took place on the world’s largest floating platform stage with the Singapore skyline as the backdrop. Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC, said, “It was a combination of pure emotion and technical perfection in a unique setting.”

Production Resource Group (PRG) supplied the lighting and rigging equipment and technical services for the opening and closing ceremonies for this inaugural event . Vermeulen, designing his first Olympic ceremonies, was very pleased that PRG was awarded the project. He said, “This is something I could only do with PRG.

They were able to get me the right light to go in the right place. I felt they were the only people I was comfortable to work with on this job. They really help to solve challenges and they have an amazing amount of resources. In only two to three days they can turn around a massive amount of fixtures, which at one moment on this project was so crucial. We were asking ourselves do we even have a show and then PRG came up with the solution. That is the evidence of why they are the biggest company in the world for our industry.”


PRG provided a team of 15 technical specialists who were responsible for the installation of the ceremonies lighting package with over 1,900 individual fixtures, of which 700 were automated luminaires, including the PRG Bad Boy® spot. “It was my first choice for the backlight. It has a great output and an incredible zoom range,” Vermeulen said.

Table Tennis and Taekwondo


An additional 20 PRG technical specialists travelled to Singapore to take care of the rigging and lighting at the 18 venues, including field of play broadcast, for which PRG also provided the lighting. Lighting Designer Mike Gorman handled the lighting duties for all of the sporting venues.

The artistic and technical teams presented an unforgettable Olympic ceremonies experience for the 27,000 spectators and estimated two billion broadcast viewers. For Vermeulen, PRG was a big part of that effort. “Working with PRG was a very, very good experience,” he said. “It was really thanks to PRG that I was able to be on time and on budget without compromising the design.”