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The perfect menu: grandMA2 dined with Mubadala

grandMA at Mubadala

The Mubadala Development Company, sponsor of Etihad Airways' Scuderia Ferrari Formula One in Abu Dhabi, recently held its signature dinner at the Emirates Palace. The dinner was arranged inside the world's largest freestanding Dome Truss, built from Eurotruss elements. For control, Lighting Designer Paul Smith chose a grandMA2 system consisting of 1 x grandMA2 full-size console and 1 x grandMA2 light console, 2 x MA NPUs (Network Processing Unit) and grandMA2 onPC software.

Advanced programming functions

Mayar Abbas, Managing Director of Dubai Artistic Innovation, who delivered the lighting equipment together with InHouse Productions reported: “The grandMA2 was chosen as the Lighting Designer felt it was the best console for the job. The advanced programming functions were extremely useful, as well as the networking, allowing the grandMA2 light and grandMA onPC to become full tracking backup consoles.”
Said Abbas: “The design itself grew from the shape of the custom domed structure built specially for the event. Three circle trusses and a large number of side-arms were used to create positions for the lighting fixtures. Due to the height, the access to fixtures during the run-up to the show and the high likelihood of a large number of table and seating reconfigurations, the entire rig had to be intelligent to give the flexibility of being able to change things quickly.”
As Lighting Programmer worked Richard Lambert.

The world's largest freestanding Dome Truss