LMC producing stunning AntelopeHD Replays in South Africa

Four AntelopeHD Cameras for Ultra-Motion Replays from the FIFA World Cup

Since almost one month four AntelopeHD systems with four operators/engineers are being located in various cities in South Africa. Stunning replays are recorded with 500-1.000 frs/sec and are permanently stored via an EVS network as well as played out as part of the world feed produced by HBS.

All LMC Antelope systems use the PhantomHD chip provided by Vision Research and are therefore “powered by Phantom”. The peripheral equipment developed by LMC guarantiees SMPTE connection and a proprietary broadcast remote control panel. LMC has been the first international partner of Vision Research to develop a broadcast solution using the awarded Phantom core technology. “Working with LMC gives us the possibility to focus what we do best – building digital highspeed cameras”, says Rick Robinson, vice president of marketing, Vision Research. “We rely on partners like LMC who are specialized on TV and Film to being able to provide broadcast ready solutions.”