LIVE Sports Solutions - The SAM View on Live Sports Production

Bringing more drama, excitement and creativity to live sports

Live sports and event television are collective experiences. Consumers want to engage with an emotional journey before, during and after a live event and want media companies to provide the means to do it

We are in a new world of sports and live event media consumption. Research (Telstra – Q3 2016 Global Video Index analysis) has shown that media clip consumption associated with live events spikes up before and after a live event, and that social media interaction during events is skyrocketing.

No longer is it adequate to just produce the same linear output at higher quality. Today, consumers are demanding more real-time outputs and more ways to consume content than ever before. This means taking a fresh look at live production. We believe our products offer the answers our clients are seeking in this new era.

Consumers want to engage with an emotional journey, watching content anywhere and everywhere

There’s no emotion like live


Live production is getting more complex

More signals, IP, SDI, 12G, AES-67, UHD, HD, HDR, WCG, OTT, VOD, VR, remote production… the list of innovations and technologies to cope with seems endless. SAM has engineered products that solve the complexity dilemma.

Making the complex simple

Shared Server Pool

The fastest way to edit, clip and publish content is to keep all media in one location and allow all users access to it – regardless of their requirement, including UHD. That’s what SAM does.

Colaborative Sports Replay & Editing Workflows


Total Control

In the heat of battle the way replay operators work together can have a massive impact on production values. The way cameras are grouped together for replay shouldn’t be determined by the limitations of your recording technology vendor.

SAM gives you the choice of which clips go on the output timeline while at the same time the program director can make immediate decisions on what to replay.

Socially Transparent

Publishing to any social media platform should be a fast and transparent process. SAM’s editing and workflow tools are built for social media publishing and multi-format content on inputs and outputs. All resolutions, all frame rates, all color spaces and all dynamic range treatments.

Anything to Everything

Each and every input to our switchers is transformed from whatever it is to whatever it needs to be, internal to the switcher, taking out complexity for operators, engineers and program makers. If you want to make the complex simple, and have issues with 2SI, quadrants, interlace and everything in between, take a look at SAM.


The IP Journey

The world is on a journey to IP and, depending on what your circumstances are, you need to control how long that journey will take. SAM understands there is no magic bullet for our customers. That’s why we have designed the most flexible range of products with IP capability that allows our customers to manage and control the speed of their individual journey. Central to the entire process is the ability to mix signals within your particular environment with total confidence that whatever your requirements, you are delivering the service you need to. Be it OB’s, on-site production studios or remote/at home (REMI) production, SAM has the IP portfolio to deliver what you need.

Live Sporets Production - Core Production over IP


12G – The fastest way to UHD

Operational pressures to save costs are huge, and getting bigger. Adding complexity and driving up costs is not what you want. We’ve got products that allow highest quality UHD images to be used in a familiar, known, reliable and trusted SDI workflow.

Progressive is Progress

If you’re making multi-platform live productions you need to work in progressive images and now that UHD TV is progressive, it makes even more sense. The moment you buy a live production system from SAM you can stop worrying about it.

Live Sporets Production - Core HD Production Upgradeble to UHD


Better workflows need better intelligence

In real-time sports production quick decisions are critical. SAM can help because we make intelligent systems that act on their own in real-time. Our control systems have real-time ‘logic engines’ that monitor and, if instructed will automatically fi x errors – such as lip-sync. Our workflow tools allow customers to design processes, quickly and easily, for each and every production, to ensure they are meeting the stringent service levels required.

Remote Flexibility

When our customers need to change their business models, we are the first to listen. If you need to provide remote production facilities, whatever the production size, SAM can be your partner of choice. Remote camera feeds, switching capability deployed by individual M/E, hybrid IP & SDI environments, remote editing/highlights and playout - SAM has got it covered.

Live Touch 4K


The most Persistent Metadata

Finding any content in a sports production environment is impossible without good metadata. SAM has developed workflow and PAM systems that enable the persistence of metadata from ingest, through creativity, to delivery on any platform and on to archival. If your output is social, VOD, SD/HD or UHD you’ll need to keep your metadata through every stage.