The International Broadcast Center at the Olympic Games 2012


Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), the host broadcasting organisation in charge of the London 2012 Olympic Games, appointed EVS to provide technology solutions and support services to guarantee the high standing production of Olympic international broadcast feeds, as well as a multitude of media exchange and service delivery for the international broadcast community.

IBC Operations Overview
As part of the global contract with OBS, EVS was providing and setting up the London 2012 Media Server at the heart of OBS’ operations. Besides fulfilling the requirements of OBS’ multilateral operations at the IBC, the London 2012 Media Server was also provided as a rate card facility to RHBs for their unilateral productions. The Media Server provided by EVS was a unique media exchange platform with associated software tools providing a wide range of services and applications including:
• HD-SDI ingest of feeds from different venues
• Permanent central storage
• Video logging and interfacing with the Olympic Data Feed
• Client browsing and delivery
• OBS multilateral production editing media exchange
• OBS 3D multilateral production packages
• Multi-dispatch playout
• Olympic News Channel 24/7 playout system
• Backup and archiving


HD-SDI Ingest of Feeds from Different VenuesAll live video feeds from the 43 different venues were recorded on the Media Server in high resolution as AVCIntra 111 Mbps using 12 EVS XT3 production servers. The XT3 servers used for ingest were each configured with four recording channels, offering a live storage capacity of 110 hours of HD per system (1,320 hours of HD in total, corresponding to approximately two days of competition). Recording operations were controlled using the Ingest Scheduler module of EVS’ content management suite, IPDirector.

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