iLive Controls Red Bull Chasers Event in Edinburgh


An Allen & Heath digital iLive system was employed by Scottish sound hire company Ward-Steedsy Audio for the recent Red Bull Chasers cycle event in Edinburgh.

The event posed several challenges as there was a need for three PA systems with local inputs at each system mixed and distributed to all three systems simultaneously.

The solution was to locate an iLive-R72 surface at the start line, a MixRack half way up the hill and a second rack at the finish line. Local inputs at the surface included audio feed from the video playback, the start-line MC’s microphone and audio inputs for the start signal. The surface also handled outputs to the OB truck and outputs to the start line PA system.


Half way up the hill, connected via 120m of Cat5 the first MixRack had local inputs from the Red Bull DJ truck, together with outputs for the second PA system adjacent to the DJ truck, and an ACE link to the second rack.


At rack at the finish line connected via a further 85m of Cat5, and handled the input from the finish line MC and the outputs to the finish line PA.

The entire system was networked using Allen & Heath’s ACE network running in dual MixRack mode and connected via Neutrik Etherflex cables.

“Setting up the system in dual MixRack mode takes a few more minutes of preparation time, but once it was set up at our premises and everything tested it connected together on site in minutes and performed flawlessly throughout the event” – Steven Ward


“As this was a city centre event with a strict road closure policy we had a very limited time frame to set-up and test  three  systems, so running Cat5 cables instead of traditional bulky multicores was an attractive solution” – David “Steedsy” Stevenson