How Will Sport be Consumed in the Future?

Sports media industry meet in the ISS Dome: 7th SPONSORS Sports Media Summit to provide insight into the digital futur

On Thursday 24 May, the sports media industry will come together in the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf for the 7th SPONSORs Sports Media Summit. National and international top speakers will discuss the latest issues in the world of sports media at this year’s high-profile conference.

One of the key questions to be addressed by the sports media industry during the 2012 event will be “How will sport be consumed in the future and which business models can be developed as a consequence?” A series of forums, presentations and discussions on the Main Stage will attempt to find answers to just these questions.

Among those due to speak at the SPONSORs Sports Media Summit count Brian Sullivan (CEO, SKY), Jürgen Lenz (founding member, Team Marketing), Dr. Henning Stiegenroth (Head of Sports Marketing, Deutsche Telekom), Rainer Geier (Managing Director, LAOLA1), Raoul Hess (Managing Director, DOSB New Media) and Alexander Jobst (Board Member for Marketing, FC Schalke 04).


Here’s a brief overview of just a few of the presentations and forums due to take place at the 7th SPONSORs Sports Media Summit:̵
    “The DOSB as a stepping stone: The sports associations’ battle for media coverage” – Keynote: Raoul Hess (Managing Director, DOSB New Media); Discussion: Dr. Clemens Prokop (President, German Athletics Association), Michael Amsinck (Managing Director, SportA)̵

    “2.5 years in charge: My experiences with Sky Deutschland and a look into the future” – Presentation: Brian Sullivan (CEO, SKY)̵

    “How the ‘Big Bang’ in the sports business industry changed the market” – Presentation: Jürgen Lenz (founding member, Team Marketing and one of the founders of the UEFA Champions League)

̵    “Sport & TV” forum: “From personal live conferences to interactive fan voting: How does the future of sports TV look?” – Presentation: Dr. Henning Stiegenroth (Head of Sports Marketing, Deutsche Telekom)̵

    “Sport & Law” forum: “Playing for success: eGaming strategies of a football Bundesliga club” – Presentation: Alexander Jobst (Board Member for Marketing, FC Schalke 04)̵

    “New media” forum: “LAOLA1 as a media platform and service provider: Where is the journey headed?” – Presentation: Rainer Geier (Managing Director, LAOLA1)̵

    “Digital sponsorship” forum: “Multimedia marketing: Communication trends and their significance for brands” – Discussion: Andreas Nassauer (Head of Media, Deutsche Telekom), Axel Nieber (Head of Print and Digital Marketing, Kicker), Rudolf Vidal (Head of the sports portal, Deutsche Telekom)

The full programme can be found online at:


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