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HD OBVan Directory 2010

Featuring 40 brand new HD OBVans

The HD OBVan Directory 2010 will be released in early Apri, presenting 40 new HD OBVans from across EMEA and featuring 15 international system integrators and their business approach in the area of HD Studio and HD OBVan turnkey solutions. In addition we will have a review on the Olympics in Vancouver and a preview on the FIFA WC in South Africa

40 HD OBVans

Each of 40 HD OBVans (from Russia, England, France, Turkey, Algeria, Qatar, Germany, Israel, Norway, Estonia, Austria, etc.) will be featured on three pages including monitor wall layout, floorplan and a detailed technical synopsis 

15 International System Integrators

The special section on system integrators in EMEA features 15 turnkey solution providers accros EMEA (Turkey, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Germany, etc.) and provides our readers with a clear picture of solutions each system integrator has carried out and his approach to consulting, design, commissioning and training including after sales support


The Editorial Content

Our Team will be in Vancouver and will have a dedicated look at all of the various events from Curling, to Icehockey, Snowboarding, Bobsleigh, Figure Skating and many more. Various special camera solutions as well as more than 15 UltraMotion camera systems together with a fleet of more than 30 HD OBVans with around 500 HD Cameras on board will catch our interest and we will deliver the story of the "broadcasted Games" first hand.

A brief outlook on the FIFA WC in South Africa will round the picture and give our readers some preview on the 3D initiatives by Sony and HBS.


Advertising Posibilities

Manufacturers and providers of equipment for the TV Live Production Community have the unique possibility to place advertisement around the stories, the HD OBVan presentations or the features on the system integrators.

Deadline advertisements February, 19th
Deadline artwork March, 19th
Date of publication April, 09th

5.500 Copies

Around 2 000 professionals in EMEA (63 countries), decision makers and technicians in broadcast and tv live production, production companies, rental & service providers, coach builders, audio- and video engineers system integrators and sports and music rights holders across EMEA will get their personal copy directly on their desk.3 000 copies will be sold online and at events and exhibitions -
 IBC, NAB, Sportel, HDMasters, Sport Sponsors Congress, Roadshows etc.

The 2010 magazine is the third edition of the HD OBVan Directory and the 2008 issue is sold out complety.

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