Grass Valley Heads to SPORTELMonaco 2011 with New File-Based, 3D Workflow Demonstrations

Grass Valley will show an end-to-end 3D distribution architecture featuring the K2 Dyno Replay System

At the SPORTELMonaco 2011 conference, to be held on October 10-13 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, Grass Valley™ will demonstrate to attendees how they can cost-effectively deploy intuitive, file-based workflows to help produce a wide variety of live sporting events in various high-definition resolutions as well as 3D.

In exhibition booth #S19, Grass Valley will highlight the K2 Dyno™ replay system and the K2 Dyno Production Assistant (PA) system operating in tandem with a Grass Valley MediaFUSE™ content re-purposing and multi-distribution system to display video-on-demand (VOD) images on mobile units, such as Android-based portable devices. This system will help content distributors support a multi-screen strategy that brings content to subscribers whenever and wherever they desire.

With the Grass Valley K2 Dyno PA application, operations personnel can create metadata categories off-line in advance of an event to tag critical information, such as names and relevant event action types. This content-based metadata can be easily distributed and imported as XML data on a USB drive to all Grass Valley K2 Dyno systems. Clips can be given text names, while metadata can be added during the event along with ratings and searchable key words. In addition, all metadata created can be saved along with the content and re-used for different purposes. Content stored on a network can be viewed and aggregated into different bin types and sent to removable storage or network destinations using K2 Dyno PA’s automated transfer rules.


The SPORTELMonaco 2011 show will also feature an end-to-end 3D distribution architecture featuring the K2 Dyno Replay System working within the Digital Video SUD (a French provider of slow-motion camera services) booth #B09/B10, esplanade level. Digital Video SUD has put together a turnkey slow-motion production kit for live sports projects that uses a hi-speed camera and the K2 Dyno Replay System.