Grass Valley HD Production Switchers Have 2011 NBA Finals Covered from Both Ends of the Court

With Game 4 of the NBA Finals beginning today Grass Valley enables the broadcast via two of its top mobile customers

As has been the case for many years, veteran production companies Game Creek Video and NEP Supershooters will share duties in covering the 2011 NBA Finals series for ABC Sports and ESPN HD. Also, as in years past, they’ll both be using Grass Valley™ high-definition (HD) production switchers on board their respective production trucks to manage the live 720p HD telecasts and bring the fast-paced action home to viewers.

Game Creek Video’s 53-foot “Liberty” will be on site for the NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL., switching the multitude of cameras, graphics, and replay devices with a Grass Valley Kayenne™ Video Production Center. The company, based in Hudson, NH, was one of the first in the industry to order the Kayenne HD switcher in 2009, and has all 14 of its production trucks equipped with Grass Valley production switchers, with a total of eight Kalypso’s, six Kayenne’s, and one Kayak™.

“It’s plain and simple, Grass Valley switchers are what our clients want,” said Paul Bonar, Vice President of Engineering at Game Creek Video. ”Technical Directors are well trained on them and the bulk of the freelance pool our clients use are immediately familiar with how they operate. So, staying with Grass Valley over the years has been a very easy business decision for our company.”


NEP Supershooters, based in Pittsburgh, PA., will send its SS25 HD production truck to the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. The SS25 truck includes a Grass Valley Kalypso HD production switcher and Grass Valley switchers can be found on board many of the NEP trucks, which is the country’s largest fleet.

“We’re a proponent of reliability and delivering a first-class product for our clients and the enjoyment of their viewers,” said George Hoover, Chief Technology Officer for NEP Supershooters. “For us, in the world of sports coverage, that means Grass Valley production switching technology.”

Both companies’ trucks have also been instrumental in covering several of the first round and divisional round NBA playoff series—for ABC Sports, ESPN HD, and TNT HD.