Georges Bertellotti 2012 Golden Podium Awards


Over the last 22 years, the Golden Podium Awards, created by Georges Bertellotti, have awarded the directors of the world’s best sports TV images of the year. The ceremony of the Golden Podium Awards was held on Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 19:00 in presence of London 2012 Olympic medalists and personalities from the sports and media world. This year, it was presented by Mary Patrux and Darren Tulett (beIN Sport).

Best Slow Motion Sequence / Cut-Edited Shots
Munich Champions League Final 2012 – SKY Deutschland Fernsehen - Germany
Director : Knut Fleischmann
Producer : Sky Deutschland

Best slow motion Sequence / Isolated Camera Shot
Grand Steeple Chase de Paris 2012
Director : Christian Alba
Producer : Léo Vision / France Galop


International Olympic Committee Grand Prize
Meet the Superhumans – CHANNEL 4 – United Kingdom
Director : Tom Tagholm
Producer : Gwylim Gwillim, Rory Fry

Best Sports Program Trailer-Teaser or Opening Montage
World Championship Boxing W.B.O – DIRECT 8 - France
Director : Elias Sfaxi
Producer: Elias Sfaxi


Prize Christian Blachas for the Best Advertising Film, in collaboration with CBTV and CB News
Société : Carlsberg
Pays : Royaume-Uni

Best Sound Design, in collaboration with RMC
Director : Ronald Sidi, Juno Cactano
Producer : Globosat and Hungry Man Brazil


L' Public Prize for the Best Sport Slow Motion of the year (Cut-Edited Shots)
Ironman Europe 2012 – HBS - France
Director : Julien Bertin
Producer : Dan Midownik

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