A Fox Sports first!

Broadcast Rental made it possible for Fox Sports!

In the recent clash between Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven in the Dutch Eredivisie, Broadcast Rental helped Fox Sports achieve a spectacular opening shot in the Rotterdam Feyenoord stadium.

When the plan arose for cameraman Ben de Graaf to jump out of a helicopter and follow the players as they emerged from the tunnel, join into the huddle and get ready to play, Broadcast Rental was approached to help out. A specially designed gyro-stabilized camera rig was created for the Canon C300 camera.


To bring the signals back to the OB truck, Broadcast Rental put 2 helix antennas plus an additional 80 degree antenna on the roof of the Feyenoord stadium to follow the helicopter and the tandem-parachute as it descended into the stadium.

For the same match, ChyronHego's VistaCam camera system was deployed in the Feyenoord stadium to bring a panoramic picture to the Fox Sports studio in Amsterdam.The VistaCam system offers a unique view into the stadium where the viewer feels like the studio is actually located inside the stadium.


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