Felix Marggraff wins 2015 SPORTEL GOLDEN PODIUM AWARD

In his role as TV Director for ISB at the European Games in Baku Felix was awarded the Golden Podium Award for "Innovative Use of Mini HSSM Cameras"

The SPORTEL AWARDS Ceremony took place last Tuesday in Monaco to announce winners of the Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Competition and Renaud de Laborderie Sports Book Competition. They respectively reward the world most beautiful sports.

Personalities such as Evander Holyfield, Yoann Huget, Christophe Soumillon, Tia Hellebaut, Loïc Pietri, Ludovic Giuly, Carlos Takam, Hervé Dubuisson, Ladji Doucouré, René Jacquot, Daniel Herrero, Leonardo Jardim, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Dan Luger, Danka Bartekova, Muriel Hurtis, Romain Febvre, Michaël Llodra, and Nathalie Péchalat were present at the Grimaldi Forum to award the prizes.

The award ceremony was held under the jury presidency of champion boxer Evander Holyfield.

International Sports Broadcasting was awarded the Golden Podium Award for "Innovative Use of Mini HSSM Cameras". This coverage of the first European Games in Baku was produced by Ursula Romero and the different sports were directed by Marggraf, Koen Van Mourik & Ursula Romero. 

Marggraff also with his production company LiveMotionConcept he supplied all Ultramotion cameras for this premiére event in Azerbaidjan.


„It was both a challenge and great opportunity to integrate our specialized Miniature HSSMS into ISB world feed production“ states Marggraff. „The Antelope PICO mounted to Polecams created completely new angles and shot wonderful live- and replay shots at different venues“ he says. „I am glad that ISB endorsed our vision to use this technology broadly throughout the whole event.“

Antelope PICO Polecam Systems delivered stunning replays from action sports like Mountain Biking


Carefully selected camera positions and dynamic moves paired with up to 350 frames per second with built-in deflickering guaranteed stunning replays from action sports like Mountain Biking, Beach Volleyball and Beach Soccer – venues directed by Felix Marggraff. An Antelope PICO Polecam System was also used at the Cycling and Swimming venues where both fantastic overhead shots and underwater replays were major elements of the ISB World Feed.


Marggraff mentiones: „Receiving the Golden Podium Award means a lot. It´s such an increase in motivation for all the staff involved to continue the hard work to develop new products and to supply highest standard production services to our valued clients“commending his crew for their work at the European Games in Baku.

The Antelope PICO V2 is the latest version of the awarded POV UltraSlowMotion system developed by Antelope Camera Systems.