EBU Invests in Snell

Delivering TV Coverage of Global Sports and Entertainment Events to Broadcasters around the World

Snell, a Quantel company, today announced that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Europe’s premier distributor and producer of live news, sport, entertainment, culture and music content, has made a further investment in Snell Alchemist Ph.C-HD standards conversion systems to enable the highest quality SD and HD TV coverage of global sports and entertainment events. The EUROVISION network, operated by the EBU, is currently integrating Snell products to deliver premium television coverage from the FIFA World Cup venues to leading broadcasters worldwide.

EUROVISION has previously integrated Snell in its network service, offering the Alchemist systems for the delivery worldwide of live coverage of major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, national football (soccer) leagues, and Formula 1. As Paolo Pusterla, Head of Procurement and Network Partnerships, at EBU, explained: “We’ve had an ongoing relationship with Snell for many years now and trust that they will deliver a quality service. With the growing demand for globally distributed live events, we’ve clearly seen a greater need for standards conversion. Quality is crucial and customers expect no visible degradation and real-time transcoding of frame rates. Snell’s Alchemist has proven itself to be the gold standard for HDTV standards conversion."

Snell Alchemist Ph.C-HD LIVE and KudosPro MC500


In total, EBU purchased 15 Alchemist Ph.C-HD systems including Dolby E Authoring, 37 Alchemist Ph.C-HD LIVE systems and one KudosPro MC500 for “its quality and versatility,” said Pusterla.

Stefan Geradts, sales director for Central and Eastern Europe at Snell, added: “Broadcasters, content owners, and content providers choose Snell’s award-winning technologies to give them peace of mind that the quality of their valuable content is maintained. EBU has long recognised Alchemist’s excellent reputation for quality standards conversion. We’re delighted to continue this relationship and help them protect and future-proof their content as they deliver it to the most demanding World Cup broadcasters.”

About the EBU
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media (PSM) with 73 Members in 56 countries in Europe and 21 Associate Members in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The EBU’s mission is to make PSM indispensable. The organisation does this by ensuring that it is the authoritative voice supporting PSM, the provider of first class services, and the point of reference for industry expertise, innovation, and European media knowledge and exchange.


The EBU operates EUROVISION and EURORADIO. EUROVISION is the media industry’s premier distributor and producer of top-quality live news, sport, entertainment, culture and music content. EURORADIO enhances public service radio through the exchange of music, professional networking, and the promotion of digital and hybrid radio.
At its heart is a 370-strong network of staff across the globe, with offices in Brussels, Rome, Moscow, New York, Washington DC, Singapore and Beijing. The EBU’s headquarters are in Geneva – an inspirational hub for global sports federations, far-reaching international organisations and centres of academic and scientific discovery.

About Snell
Snell creates unique and Emmy award-winning technologies to help broadcasters, content owners and content providers to process and manage their valuable media assets. Recognized as global leaders in image processing, Snell applies over 40 years of media expertise to help customers achieve greater efficiencies and increase revenue while delivering their content to multiple distribution platforms.


The company continues to innovate and is at the forefront of technology enabling customers to transition to IT, cloud, 4K, IP and UHD workflows. Through its core divisions – TV Everywhere and Live TV – it brings tangible business benefits across the production value chain, whether a single or multi-channel facility, national broadcaster or OTT provider. Snell serves more than 2000 broadcasters, post facilities and global media companies in more than 100 countries. Snell is a Quantel company.