CT supports the Dubai World Cup and Meydan opening

Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse

The Dubai World Cup 2010 offered horse racing enthusiasts and the glitterati set alike the hospitality only the Emirati can provide. Incorporating the opening of the iconic Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse – the new home of the Dubai World Cup – an extension of the programme has meant that the meeting now stages a total of eight races, making the meeting worth a phenomenal US$26.25million.

With many of the thoroughbreds present in Dubai at the end of March, Creative Technology were proud to be asked by Lead creative agency M-is, to supply a turnkey audio visual solution for this international event, providing over 17 tonnes of equipment from CT’s London office and utilising a variety of equipment and resources from our Dubai operation.Creative Technology provided the events with a wide array of equipment ranging from cameras, vision mixing and a high resolution replay system to LED screens and high powered projectors.

One of the events leading up to the main Son et Lumière, was an evening with veteran pop star Sting, where CT supplied a four camera, vision mixing and engineering package for image re-enforcement to the race track’s permanently installed LED screen.For the evening of the Dubai World Cup and the Son et Lumière, guests were met on arrival by four small, 3m x 2.3m, LED screens as the back drop to the performance stages. These displayed pre-recorded content to give the guests a taster for the evening’s entertainment ahead.Inside the track CT also supplied a 10m x 5m LED screen and support structure for relaying the broadcast signal to the guests staying in the impressive Meydan Hotel.

One of the many logistical challenges that M-is faced for the Son et Lumière was that the racing had to be viewable around the track at all times. M-is’ creative solution chosen was to create automated projection sails that could be raised and lowered to fit in with the race schedule. This was an engineering task on a gigantic scale. The race track is over 1km from side to side and because the projection screens had to supplement the 100m wide track side screen at times throughout the event, these screens could not be small. Therefore fifteen 25m x 14m portrait screens were constructed (by Starhire group). After carefully researching the various projection options and full scale testing in the UK, CT opted for doubled Barco XLM HD30s in a portrait orientation, providing full redundancy and simplifying line up issues created by larger numbers of more readily available projectors.

Working closely with the creative team at M-is, Watchout 4 was chosen as the system for replay and content management for the projection screens and track LED. With back up this involved 36 channels of replay, including video capture enabling camera feeds to be displayed.For the grand finale, CT also provided RF cameras attached to microlights, to relay live images as they swooped over the top of the Grand Stand and down across the track.

In addition, CT also supplied video foldback to the green rooms, dressing rooms and backstage to enable performers and entertainers to be aware of the spectacular proceedings taking place around the racecourse.Scott Burges, CT’s business development director and project manager for this event was delighted with the full solution that CT was able to offer this event. “In addition to providing the equipment and crew for this event, a significant challenge in its own right, CT also handled all of the logistics and support services such as freight, accommodation and local labour. We are seeing requirements for full turnkey solutions becoming increasingly commonplace particularly on larger projects in the more challenging areas of the globe. CT’s long term experience and unique network of offices allows us to take major projects such as this in our stride.”

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