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Sport moves fast – sport and innovation are driving each other. Direct on your smart phone, live online, vitual through gaming, and engaging via social media: sport stakeholders have to adapt to the fast changing digital reality.

How to use these new tools, and catch up with this ongoing revolution to defend and even strengthen the role of sport within society and sport as a business tool?

That’s the goal the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2011 will try to reach.

Join the Global Sports Forum community and meet some trusted guides to this moving landscape in Barcelona. Take time to learn, think and plan, and emerge ready to take on these challenges afresh.



• “Fight for your Rights”: TV vs Web
• Sports: The best content for my brand
• Will less be more? Striking the right balance in bidding
• Sport and society: Philantropy is a must for brands and athletes
• Are athletes scientists?“
• Digitally savvy” champions: When athletes become media of their own
• “Tete a tete” with a star
• Building a global sport brand: “Hyper” brands on the run

Plenary Session

• Sport as a key pillar of cities’ future
• Emerging continents, emerging global brands
• Public sporting policies: How to win gold medals?


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