Building a Better Broadcast in Belo Horizonte


HBS’ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV Directors meet for a production seminar in Belo Horizonte. Left-Right: Thomas Sohns, John Watts, Wolfgang Straub, François Lanaud, Knut Fleischmann, Jean-Jacques Amsellem, Jamie Oakford, Grant Phillips.

With three-quarters of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 successfully delivered by HBS to FIFA and its MRLs, the time for debriefing has already arrived. A wealth of great football has already been played and with a high level of global media attention, both on and off the field of play, the FIFA Confederation Cup’s role as the ‘eye-opener’ for the FIFA World Cup™ has been as important as ever – especially with the major event now less than one year away.

HBS will take several points on board from internal experience, while also contributing to the overall process of helping other stakeholders take the necessary steps following the lessons they have learned in Brazil this summer. The expectation is that – as in previous FIFA World Cup™ cycles – this process will contribute to a smoother build-up to the much bigger project (compared to FIFA Confederations Cup) of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.


The FIFA Confederations Cup is also playing an important role in terms of testing, demonstration and training for HBS ­– areas that have all been success stories, some of which will be explored in more detail by HBS in the coming days.

As an example, all of HBS’ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV Directors gathered in Belo Horizonte ahead of the semi-final between Brazil and Uruguay for a seminar focusing on the production set-up for the event, enabling them to give their feedback and opinions on a variety of topics. This feedback has fully validated HBS’ engineering and production choices and will allow for a further ‘zoom’ into the plans for 2014.


The Estadio Mineirao venue in Belo Horizonte has been the hub of HBS’ testing, with the International Broadcast Coordination Centre (IBCC) also hosted alongside the stadium. A total of 11 additional cameras, on top of the standard 18-camera plan, have been tested and evaluated over the course of the three matches played at the venue. Furthermore, several strands of the Multi-Feed concept were demonstrated at the Estadio Mineirao – including the Clips Compilation Channels 1 & 2, now split to separate shots of Action and Emotion/Ultra Motion.