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ABC Products again at the Football World Cup

Crane 120 at the UEFA Euro 08

Once again, ABC light cranes (type 120 and 100 with Remote Heads Pele and Alex digital) will be employed at the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa and enable camera operators to shoot the most exciting goal scenes as close as possible. At least camera operators should have an easy job shooting at the World Cup because they use ABC light cranes.

Solid light construction with aluminium square profiles

Thanks to a new strong swiveljoint, operators can swivel at the crane much more sensitively and therefore more precisely. Additionally a new leveling rod ans a new weight bracket, optimized for round counterweights make it easier to tare the crane.

The most important advantage of ABC cranes is the solid light construction with aluminium square profiles which makes the crane extremely low weighting while still being very rigid. The maximum weight capacity is 30 kg. Besides, the crane can be assembled in a very short time - a very important fact when using the crane at sports events.

A low weight remote head is necessary for extending the shooting angle of the crane. The double-armed Pele XL35, weighting 9 kg, has been designed for a payload of up to 30 kg. It gives unlimited scope for creativity, with swivel ranges of 360 grad both in the vertical as well as in the horizontal direction. The control console is robust and compact in design, and has been specially optimized for portable use. The optional single man controls allow the operator to run all functions directly at the crane.

The entire package can be extended further by the CD6 dolly, which enables to move the crane in an even more flexible way.


Crane 120 in use at Vienna