7th Asian Winter Games - Kazakhstan TV

Raushan Akpenova, Technical Director of Kazakhstan TV, is enjoying the experience of broadcasting the 7th Asian Winter Games

Like everyone in Kazakhstan, the staff of Kazakhstan TV are immensely proud that the 7th Asian Winter Games are being staged on their soil. “It is not an extra pressure,” explained Technical Director Raushan Akpenova. “It is an honour for us as we know that the whole of the nation is watching our chan­nel’s coverage.”

Sharing the broadcast rights with Khabar TV, Kazakhstan TV are able to offer a range of events for their viewers. “We have an agreement with Khabar TV for this event to split the sporting disciplines. As a result we are broadcasting Men’s Ice Hockey, Cross-Country Skiing, Bandy and Freestyle Skiing.” With a total of 90 hours of broadcasting scheduled, 80% of which is live coverage, they have more than enough chance to gain valu­able experience for the future. Approximately 100 staff are working on the project, at the IBC, competition venues and at Kazakhstan TV’s main studio in Almaty.

Fortunately IGBS has been there every step of the way to help Kazakhstan TV achieve their goals. “Our station is over 50 years old and we have a lot of experience,” explained Akpeno­va. “But this is the first time we have operated at this level. We have had the chance to utilise many of the services operated by IGBS, such as commentary booths and pre and post inter­view spots. Our SNG crews are working hard at all the venues, broadcasting as much on site as possible, and it is thanks to IGBS that we have had the chance to go live at all the events. They have assisted us at each venue, showing us the best position to place our cameras.”


As a first experience of broadcasting a major international sporting event of this scale, Ka­zakhstan TV have learned a lot of important lessons which will serve them well in years to come. “In 2012 the World Bandy Championships are expected to be held in Almaty and we have already been in touch with the International Bandy Federation. We hope that our expe­rience gained broadcasting the 7th Asian Winter Games will help us to take the opportunity to broadcast this event also.”