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16-Camera OB-Van for KBS South-Korea

Daegu Stadium, venue for the 2011 World Championships in Athletics

Korea’s biggest Broadcast Station Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) engaged Broadcast Solutions GmbH to build a 16-Camera HD OB-Truck.

Based on a semitrailer with maximum length and variable extensions on both sides this modern HD Truck offers a wide flexibility range with four production rooms (Video production, Audio production, shading area and equipment room).

In summer 2011 this truck will be delivered to Korea to produce the 13th IAAF Championships in Daegu from August 27th to September 04th where KBS will produce as Hostbroadcaster.


About Broadcast Solutions GmbH

Broadcast Solutions GmbH is a system integrator and sales-and-service partner for the broadcast market situated near Frankfurt, Germany. Broadcast Solutions specializes in video, audio, networks and control systems, as well as satellite communications through its subsidiary ProSat Solutions. The company's core competence is the customized design and manufacture of DSNG vehicles and OB vans. In recent years, Broadcast Solutions GmbH has built more than 100 OB vans and several production studios and uplink and downlink stations.