W-DMX™ at Super Bowl Village

96 of the Platinum Beams were spread out across three city blocks

W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden proved to be MVP at Super Bowl XLVI, where Indianapolis transformed the heart of downtown into Super Bowl Village, a ten-day, three-block interactive festival of football. The Village entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors with live concerts, food and beverages, an ESPN Broadcast Studio, and even ziplines running down the main street.

Dodd Technologies of Pendleton, Indiana created a dazzling lighting design for the Village, using W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution to send a flawless signal to 134 Elation Platinum Beams with W-DMX cards built in. 9 W-DMX Pro Box F2500 sent signal with Directional Antennas.

96 of the Platinum Beams were spread out across three city blocks. At the beginning and end of each block there was a W-DMX transmitter, 6 in total. Each transmitter broadcast to half a block worth of lights and was fed with DMX from a grandMA2 port Node. 14 Platinum Beams were used on the main stage, fed from a W-DMX ProBox.


16 Platinum Beams were placed on top of the 12-story-tall Pan American Tower. Directional antennas were used to get the W-DMX signal to the top of the building, and then two transmitters were used as repeaters. 8 Platinum Beams were placed on top of the Indiana Convention Center and fed with a ProBox.

Jason Greene, Wireless Technician and Programmer explains, “We chose to use W-DMX because the number of fixtures, the fixtures' positions, and the weatherproof domes around the fixtures made running 5-pin DMX impractical. The solution worked perfect in spite of high traffic and cold temperatures.”


Dodd Technologies SBV Team
Andy Meggenhofen: Producer, Principle Designer
Jason Greene: Wireless Technician, Programmer
James Lederman: Associate Lighting Designer
Scott Renick: Associate Lighting Designer
David Steitz: Lighting Technician Extraordinaire