W-DMX™ at Norway Verket Musikkfestival

Timbuktu & Damn at the Verket Musikfestival 2012

For the last 4 years, the award-winning W-DMX™ by Wireless Solution Sweden has been used in a very special festival in Norway, the Verket Musikkfestival. The 2-day festival, held in the beautiful town of Mo i Rana, located just below the Arctic Circle, hosts some of Norway’s best artists each year, with the 2012 festival hosting a sold out venue of over 5000 visitors each night. The crowds came to see 14 musical acts including Timbuktu & Damn, Dumdum Boys, Gabrielle and Melissa Horn.

W-DMX is a festival favourite, avoiding cable runs in high traffic natural settings and leaving no carbon footprint for venues set in beautiful locations. Up to 8 W-DMX units have been used for the Verket Musikkfestival in past years to set the mood in the festival area and at the industrial park above the festival site.

Technician Christer Sylten explains, “For the 2012 festival, we used one transmitter with the 5 dBi outdoor antenna to transmit to 6 GLP Impression 120RZ with weather domes to light up the industrial site, located 300-400 meters away (over 1000 feet) and we experienced no loss of signal. In 2011 we used one transmitter along with 7 receivers on the site to get signal to 12 City Colours and 4kw Skytrackers.”


He continues, “We are really looking forward to see more of the OEM products with W-DMX built into different fixtures, especially the architectural products, as this opens a new world for the event market where cables are not wanted.”

Sylten reported that in all four years using W-DMX, the product has solved many challenges and has been an incredibly reliable tool.

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