Vislink: Brit Awards Shown Live Online for First Time

Industry comment from Mark Anderson on the impact for traditional broadcasters

“The Brit Awards is just the latest example of increased competition from online players putting the pressure on broadcasters to deliver the best possible coverage of live events across multiple platforms, in a bid to keep viewers away from their competitors.

The changing face of broadcast
“Live TV – whether viewed on TV or online – demands quality and reliability, and as the whole world will be able to watch the Brit Awards on YouTube it’s going to be more important than ever for the broadcaster to provide consistent HD footage free from breakup or glitches.

Mark Anderson, Vislink


“To do this, the Brit Awards will need the right equipment. This means modular solutions that are both adaptable and flexible enough to meet ever-changing broadcast requirements. Wireless technology will play a key role in this, providing broadcasters with the ability to quickly and easily shoot and transmit the right footage without the need for line of sight or heavy cabling.

“Live broadcast being transmitted via social sharing sites is a trend we’re likely to see more over the next year, and the pressure is on to get it right. While services like YouTube offer yet another distribution platform, ultimately the source material still needs to be of the highest standards to attract viewers.”