United: the first in Europe to get Dolby Vision Certified

United, a member of Euro Media Group, is the first company in Europe to be awarded the Dolby Vision certification. ‘This way we can strengthen our footprint in UHD and HDR’, says Thijs van de Kamp, United’s HDR and Dolby Vision expert.

Dolby Vision is one of the standards used to make the more common High Dynamic Range (HDR). Dolby Vision’s dynamic metadata, which contains information per frame, shot or scene about the desired brightness, colour and contrast values, ensures the best and most accurate representation of the content on every display. ‘It helps you get the exact image the content creator had in mind’, Van de Kamp explains, who keeps close track of the emergence of UHD HDR techniques. ‘Images look at their best on any screen, regardless of the screen’s maximum brightness’.

Dolby Vision is increasingly used in HDR-(film)productions. Streaming services like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and VUDU have already embraced the new technology, while manufacturers like SONY and LG have already put Dolby Vision HDR screens on the market.


Unrivalled Image Quality
Content creators, production companies and studios can now grade and master their productions at United in the highest standard, resulting in unrivalled image quality. ‘The greater brightness and contrast, as well as the fuller palette of rich colors, delivered by Dolby Vision transforms the viewing experience’, emphasizes Ian Lowe, Senior Sales Manager of Dolby Laboratories, ‘By taking full advantage of the potential of new cinema projection technology and new TVs’ display capabilities, Dolby Vision creates a refined, lifelike image that will make viewers forget that they are looking at a screen.’

Only One in Europa

‘Right now, we are the only company in Europe that is capable of creating high-quality end-to-end UHD HDR work flows and solutions for our customers’, Thijs van de Kamp emphasizes ‘High-end productions call for higher standards, and our Dolby Vision certification keeps us out at front, where we like to be.”


‘United is unique in arranging UHD capture and post production in Europe. This gives us the confidence that they will expand the catalog of Dolby Vision HDR content available to the consumer,’ Lowe confirms. ‘We are looking forward to collaborating with them.’

With locations in Amsterdam and Hilversum, United is the only UHD HDR processor in the Netherlands. United was responsible for the recent UHD registrations of the MTV European Music Awards (EMA), The Grand Tour and The Rolling Stones.