STAGETEC hits ‘Big Air’ at 16th Summer X Games

The Los Angeles Cilliseum prepared for the “Big Air” and “Moto” events for the 16th Summer X Games

 The LA Coliseum, home of the 1932 and ’84 Olympics, took on a completely new look this past weekend to provide the setting for the ‘Big Air’ and ‘Moto’ events for ESPN’s 16th Summer X Games. To capture the sound of some death defying stunts, a large NEXUS network, a CRESCENDO and an AURUS console were used to provide the audio submix.

 Three NEXUS Base Devices were stationed around the coliseum each providing 32 mic pres and being connected to the truck compound via fiber. The Base Devices were subjected to some extreme conditions being in the sun and dust all day. “Being able to monitor the status including the temperature of the Base Devices from within the truck is an awesome feature for the NEXUS system”, stated Andre Carabajal who was handling the submix on the CRESCENDO for the Big Air event.

Daniel “Budda” Bernstein, the A1 on the AURUS handling the submix for the motocross bikes and rally cars, got off to a great start. “I’d always like more faders but I was totally able to get to the sources I needed on the 32 fader AURUS I had at my disposal through the layering and ‘spill’ function. I also liked the fact that both Andre and I could access all inputs and outputs of the NEXUS which enabled us to back each other up if necessary”.


Daniel “Budda” Bernstein (Sound Engineer of CP) and Russel Waite (President of Stagetec USA) with the Aurus Console

The CP Communications trailer which housed both consoles connected via MADI to both the HD and 3D NEP trucks. Budda commented “Being able to pass so many channels back and forth to each truck with minimal cabling definitely lighten our load and enabled us to respond to any last minute requests for enhanced audio design coming from the show directors”.


“With ESPN being a long standing NEXUS customer at their facilities in Bristol and LA, it’s great to see that our technology can help them in a remote situation to capture some great sounding audio submixes provided by a couple of top notch A1s” stated Russell Waite, President of STAGETEC USA.