SGM LED Ball Ambience for Rock Band Alisa


Russian hard rock band Alisa recently released their 21st studio album Circus. This was launched in grandiose style with a performance at the Palace of Sport in St. Petersburg, effectively simulating a circus tent experience on stage.

These legends of Russian rock attracted around 8,000 fans to this special concert, and naturally the scenic dynamic had to be extraordinary.

For their stage lighting set, the design crew, consisting of lighting designer Andrej Lukashov, production manager Anton Gerasimov and performance designer Aljiona Morozova, selected the LB-100 LED balls from SGM as their lighting centrepiece.

Each LB-100 string is 0.85m long and composed of seven RGB LED balls with a pixel pitch of 120mm. Rental company Euroshow supplied the 864 strings of LB-100, creating a large-scale graphic LED curtain comprising a total 6,048 LED balls. This grand setup was run off 18 drivers.


“With the ability to control the lighting effects, we could create saturated and bright colours for a vibrant graphic element of the show,” comments Alexandr Blednykh, director of Euroshow. System engineer and console operator Alex Evstifeev deployed the principles of pixel mapping via DMX.

“A lot of people and colleagues, who had the opportunity to evaluate our work personally or by photo and video, were impressed by the implementation of the equipment – particularly the LB-100, which made it possible to produce such beautiful scenery and mid-air dynamic effects.”