Sennheiser’s Feeling Fine At O2’s Silent Session

A series of events organised by innovative live events company Silentgig

December saw the chance for over 100 up-and-coming bands to reach a potentially huge audience as London’s O2 ran its December Sessions music programme, giving music fans the opportunity to enjoy 20 nights of live music at no cost. With Sennheiser equipment featuring on every show, one unique performance saw the company unusually embracing the sound of silence.

The December Sessions took place on a specially-constructed stage in the O2’s London Piazza and were supported by Sennheiser UK, which also sponsors the nearby British Music Experience. For every performance, the company provided ew 300 G3 GB in-ear monitors and e 604, e 614, e 901, e 902 and e 935 wired mics.

In the first of a series of events organised by innovative live events company Silentgig, for one very special performance, the company supplied SKM 5200 wireless mics with KK 105 heads, KMS 105 wired mics and RS 120 headphones. The latter are significant, as this show saw The Feeling perform a ‘silent gig’, with all the audience listening to the show on headphones.


The band are established Sennheiser users, but this was a new experience for all of them, especially frontman Dan Gillespie Sells and bassist Richard Jones, neither of whom normally uses in-ear monitoring.

“In some respects it was quite similar to being in the studio, but having a live audience and no audible PA or backline made it very different,” says Richard.

“We play acoustically, even though it’s electric instruments and Swordy (band FOH engineer and production manager Jon Sword) has always said that he pretty much just puts the faders up and we’re there,” adds Dan. “This was different, because we were giving him a dry signal. He had a lot more to do than usual.”


Of course, the band’s complement of Sennheiser backline mics weren’t used for this particular show, everything being DI’d and drummer Paul Stewart using an electronic kit. But the usual complement of Sennheiser vocal mics was in use, including Dan’s trusty ‘bling’ wireless model.


“Sennheiser has been great, we’ve never had any trouble with their equipment,” says Dan. Richard confirms this, adding, “It took us years of elimination and having to use what was available to find drum and guitar mics that we were happy with.

“It was amazing when we first got them, especially for the drum kit, they make a huge difference to the clarity and top end.”