Robe Gets Into A State … of Trance


Lighting designer André Beekmans from Eindhoven, The Netherlands based creative lighting practice The Art of Light specified Robe ROBIN Pointes and ROBIN LEDBeam 100s to be a major visual feature of his stunning designs for the ‘A State of Trance’ 650 (ASOT) event, staged at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Beekmans – who designs lighting for a number of  superstar DJs including Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Afrojack – is one of the best known designers in the Netherlands and has an imaginative and innovative approach to lighting EDM events and all the specialist aesthetics this genre requires. He has lit ASOT in multiple countries on every continent … however, with Utrecht being on his own home turf, this required some extra special treatment!

Part of making the Utrecht show special for the 32,000 EDM fans who packed into the venue to imbibe the experience was the specification of Robes - 48 x ROBIN Pointes for the Main Stage;  52 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100s in Area 3 (ASOT Invites); and in  Area 4, the Talent Room were another 36 x Robe LEDBeam 100s.


Beekmans has been using Robe Pointes in his work whenever he has had the opportunity over the last year. He first saw the unit as a prototype and as soon as he was able to spec the production models, they have been incorporated into his designs!


“I love them,” he declares, “They have spot and wash options plus all the gobos, effects and many variations – that’s what I like – multiple choices”. This is also essential for lighting EDM events when lighting runs continuously over long periods of time. “With ASOT we have 11 hours of show time, and the pressure is on to make all the spaces look and feel different as the evening progresses, so these multi-functional fixtures are ideal”.

He’s also been using the little LEDBeam 100s since they were launched in 2012.. “They are really great as well – very cost-effective so you can put loads on a job which always has a high impact and looks spectacular”.

He likes the beam, the selection of colours and the high output of the LEDBeam 100 in addition to the small size, which means they can be fitted in almost anywhere and it doesn’t obstruct any sight-lines.


In Area 3 at ASOT650, LEDBeam 100s were fitted in between a series of LED banners hung off straight trusses above the stage. In Area 4 they were hung on drop arms and pipes rigged to a series of curved trusses.

Beekmans worked with his team of four top lighting operators for the Utrecht event including  Michael Seeverens (Main Stage), Nick van Balen (Area 3),  Jaap Kamps in Area 4 and Tom Spaan and Koen van Elderen in Area 2.


There was initially more Robes on the various areas’ lighting plots, but the rental companies involved – Flashlight from Utrecht and The Purple Group from Schijndel – had to make some substitutions due to the massive current demand for Robe fixtures on shows throughout Benelux!