Robe is Flavour of the Month for “Restaurant is Looking for a Chef”

“Restaurant Is Looking for a Chef” (Gostilna išče šefa) is a popular Slovenian reality TV show produced by broadcaster Pro Plus, shot both on location at a restaurant in Ljubljana, and with a substantial studio section recorded in Pro Plus’s main facility in Ljubljana.

Lighting designer Ziga Krajnc looked after the studio aspects of the most recent series for which he specified eight of Robe’s LEDWash 800s, LEDBeam 100s, MMX Spots and PARFect 100s. These were a combination of new fixtures purchased by the studio this summer and rental items from locally based Event Lighting.

Ziga, also works full time for Event Lighting, a frequent supplier of extra moving lights and specials as needed for selected Pro Plus shows.


The studio sections of the show are designed for camera, although there is a small live audience. The overall ambience is bright and pleasing to the eye, the base colour is white with some pastel sections layered on top using LEDs. The general chit-chat is denoted by soft blue colours and then the tension starts ramping up as the time approaches for one of the competing chefs to be voted off.

The MMX Spots were used extensively for gobo projections and animation wheel effects – like flickering flames licking away at the set for which they were very effective. Ziga is impressed with the crispness and clarity of the gobos and moving effects.

The LEDWash 800s were recently purchased by the studio as an ongoing investment in lighting, and were delivered by Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound. They are used most days for at least one of the programmes produced in the main studios, and for this show, Ziga found the beam shaper, the colour mixing, the range of colours and also the colour correction options very helpful.

The LEDBeam 100s were supplied by Event Lighting and positioned at the back of the set as beam effects and camera-candy.

The moving lights and most of the LED sources for the 13 week series were controlled via a grandMA2 light console that also triggered the Madrix.

The humorous set design hinted at elements of a devil’s kitchen, but the biggest overall challenge for the lighting was in building the tension and drama for the weekly nominations / expulsions. That’s where having lots of multi-purpose fixtures to hand was invaluable.


Robe is Flavour of the Month for  “Restaurant is Looking for a Chef”

Ziga first became familiar with Robe products when he started working at Event Lighting and now uses the brand in many of his designs. Their stock now includes all the latest fixtures and is the largest Robe inventory available for hire in Slovenia right now.


He thinks Robe is making great lights and likes the quality, brightness and the overall reliability common across all Robe’s product lines.
Ziga is currently enjoying the experience of lighting many top TV shows as well as music festivals and events and is the regular LD for leading Slovenian rock band, Dan D (D-Day).