Robe Chases Status in Tallinn

Chase & Status at the Saku Suurhall in Tallin, Estonia

Robe moving lights caught the action at a recent sold-out DJ set performance by popular UK dance / electro duo Chase & Status at the Saku Suurhall in Tallin, Estonia.

They were at the core of the lighting rig designed by Meelis Lusmägi for the event which was produced by Meedaekspress Ltd.

Lusmägi’s brief was to produce a big, bold, dynamic and spectacular club style lightshow in the voluminous sports arena which is the largest such venue in Estonia. Lighting equipment supplied by locally based rental companies Cuuclub Ltd and E & T Light, both from Tallinn.

To help achieve the massive look and style required for the event he chose 24 x Robe ROBIN MMX Spots and 12 of Robe’s new MMX WashBeam fixtures as key elements of the rig, together with 40 x ROBIN 100 LEDBeams and 12 x Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs.

A single Robe DigitalSpot 3000 Mk II was used for beaming sponsor logos and a selection of adverts and promotional graphics around the venue.


E&T’s Olev Luhääär helped with the specification of the fixtures, which evolved through a combination of knowing these were the best choice of moving  lights ... and also that E&T had them available in their hire stock!

The moving lights were flown above the stage on trusses, with some on the floor.


The LEDBeam 100s were arranged in two matrix style ‘walls’ either side of the stage in five rows of four. They whizzed around providing cross stage lighting and patterns and were a huge hit with everyone – performers and the lighting team!

The MMX Spots were rigged on the overhead trussing at the back and used to light the stage and the dancers, and also for WOW moments shooting out into the audience. They also textured the floor with intricate and jazzy gobo patterns.

The MMX WashBeams placed on the floor upstage of the DJ booth were utilised for creating high-impact aerial effects and beam technology looks, amongst other things.

The ColorWashes were hung on the front trusses, which was perfect for producing solid downstage washes covering the dancers and the DJ booth area.


Meelis Lusmägi programmed the lightshow using a Chamsys MagicQ 200 console.

He particularly likes the beam effects that can be created with the MMX WashBeams, and both these and the MMX Spots proved again ideal for the dancey up-tempo vibes, edginess, innovation and attitude of Chase & Status’s music.

The super-fast strobing and movement and colour chases of the MMX WashBeams also “Seriously impressed” Lusmägi and were perfect for the job, and the gig was a massive success all round.