Robe "Can do That" on Brazilian TV

The last edition of the series was recorded at producer Quanta’s studios in São Paulo

The talent section "Isso Eu Faço!" - part of popular Brazilian TV network Record’s games show “Hora do Faro" - featured a lighting design created by Diego Lima using 20 x Robe Pointes, 12 x MMX WashBeams and 12 x LEDWash 600s all from Robe’s ROBIN series, under the supervision and responsibility of RP Lighting, professional lighting rental and services company.

“Isso Eu Faço!” enables different celebrities to show their talents in a diverse array of artistic disciplines which are voted on by the audience each week.

The show is based on an international format called “I Can Do That!” which also has versions in Italy, Spain, Peru, Portugal and China.

As with all Record shows, a pre lighting design is provided by the channel’s Directors of Photography, after which RP Lighting is consulted and decides which lighting fixtures are best suited to meet everyone’s demands and expectations.

The Robe fixtures were distributed around a circular trussing structure above the stage and around the stage set.


Diego explained that the MMX WashBeams were chosen because of the barn door shuttering and their dimming capabilities, which to fine tune the lighting to work with the cameras.

In the Pointe they were looking for adaptability. “We used the Pointes in both beam and spot modes without losing any intensity”, he said.


The LEDWash 600 was chosen because the zoom and brightness are ideal to help maintain the right colour base on the audience without producing any shadowing.

“Since we started using Robe some years ago, we have been very happy with the flexibility and quality of the fixtures”, comments Diego, “And this has allowed us to give even more support to all of our clients”.

In addition to being a full-time lighting designer at RP Lighting, he is also a project manager, technical coordinator and lighting programmer.

Sao Paulo based RP Lighting is a rental and technical solutions company working on a variety of events   from live broadcasts by some of the biggest TV stations in the country to social events like weddings and private parties.


“We are strong in the corporative market, supplying numerous conferences, exhibitions, even the local car show, and we work with some of the biggest brands”, he explained adding that their reputation for providing the best quality of service and the latest technologies has been boosted by having Robe in the rental stock.

This year’s “Isso Eu Faço!” winner – as voted by the jury and the public – was actress Pérola Faria who collected a prize of 100,000 Reals.