Riedel Support for the ESC in Lisbon

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Riedel MediorNet Instalation in the Altice Arena for the ESC 2018

Continuing a 13-year tradition, Riedel Communications again supplied a massive, all-fiber communications and signal distribution system for Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Riedel’s MediorNet real-time media network provided redundant and decentralized signal routing and transport from start to finish.


Through tight integration with MediorNet, Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom provided comprehensive and reliable communications for crew and performers. For all broadcasts, including semifinals 1 and 2 and the Grand Final, Riedel supplied the signal and communications backbone for Videohouse, which produced the show’s world feed on behalf of EBU and Portugal’s public broadcasting company, RTP. 

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Videohouse with OB one and OB two as Hostbroadcaster


Deployed in a decentralized configuration, Riedel’s MediorNet network ensured fully redundant distribution of all video and audio signals for commentary, intercom, signal distribution, and radio communications, including the feeds for monitors in commentary booths and for displays and projectors in the Altice Arena.

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Pre-Configured Riedel Equipment and the Installation in Lisbon


Crew communications were facilitated by a robust intercom system anchored by four more Artist 64 mainframes and more than 100 Artist RCP and DCP intercom panels. The Artist panels provided fully redundant, decentralized distribution of all Bolero wireless intercom signals, with 32 Bolero beltpacks deployed to the production team. Bolero’s Advanced DECT Receiver (ADR) technology ensured clear communications throughout the Altice Arena using only six AES67-networked antennas. The Artist infrastructure also supported almost 600 Hytera and Motorola TETRA handheld radios.

Bolero Wireless Intercom


For the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest, Riedel deployed a complete solution based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to support commentary booths for almost 30 countries covering the contest for their local audiences. Anchored by four Artist 64 intercom mainframes and 40 Artist CCP-1116 commentary panels, the system used Cymatic Audio’s uTrack24 devices, loaded with Angelbird SSD hard drives, to manage line IDs for the commentary booths.

In this regard, Riedel introduced SIP for the first time at ESC this year, replacing ISDN lines for commentators whilst providing much better audio quality at the same time.

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Artist CCP-1116 commentary panels Cymatic Audio’s uTrack24 devices, loaded with Angelbird SSD hard drives


In addition, Riedel provided an access control system designed to simplify guest and crew entry into the arena, boost security, and provide efficient visitor management. The system required personnel to pass through turnstiles where their accreditation cards, embedded with RFID chips, were swiped with stationary or wireless reading devices, and the RFID data was matched to an online database. Also, Riedel once again worked with partner TPO to provide a comprehensive IT and infrastructure, including all switches, servers, 170 wireless access points, for up to 2,000 journalists in the press center and a comprehensive Cyber Security Package.

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Riedel Security System with Partner TPO


Challenges and working relationship:
ESC is a large-scale, immensely complex live production. The biggest challenge is to ensure 100% reliability regarding efficient and crystal-clear communication due to the number of users (some numbers: more than 5,000 buttons spread across 200 comms panels, over 800 intercom users and a total of 46km of fiber cabling).

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

Riedel Communications Network for the ESC 2018


Last but not least, the ESC family for each year’s shows comprises of a vital mix of internationals who have delivered countless ESC shows on the one hand and the core team of the host broadcaster on the other hand who in many cases delivers this show for the first time.

The task here is for everyone to transfer knowledge and experience from the past and maintain highest levels of support and assistance in the background, whilst at the same conceding all room and space for the host broadcaster to create its own and unique one-of-its-kind event and to implement its very own working principles and procedures.

General RIEDEL deliverables for ESC 2018/technical stuff

ESC Lighting Desks and Sound Desks


Riedel Equipment LIst for the ESC in Lisbon


·         4 Artist 64 intercom Mainframes

·         67 RCP-1128 Intercom Panels

·         10 RCP-1112 Intercom Panels

·         24 DCP-1116 Intercom Panels

·         Bolero Antennas

·         32 Bolero Beltpacks



·         Artist 64 intercom Mainframes

·         40 CCP-1116 Commentator Panels


Hub MediorNet system   

·         MetroN Frames

·         30 MicroN Frames

·         24 Modular Frames



·         300 Hytera PD605 Handheld Radio

·         260 Motorola Tetra Handheld Radio


IT Services (gemeinsam mit unserem Partner http://www.tpo.se)

·         170 Access points



20 Turnstiles + Viewing Stations

Accreditation Work Sations

Team Riedel for ESC 2018 comprised of 25 people, including project and program management and specialized engineers.

ESC Winner in Lisbon

In summary, the above task could not have been completed in any better way than it was done this year. Working relationship amongst all parties, including EBU, RTP and suppliers/partners could not have been any better and was always based on the highest level of trust, support and respect throughout the entire production.