Pyramedia is Using a Custom CG Builder Project for Millions' Poets TV Show

As a service company, wTVision is also helping the client with the operation, during the shows

CG Builder is being used in Million's Poet, a reality television show broadcasted by United Arab Emirates television network 'Abu Dhabi TV'. The show, which presents a competition to find Middle East's most talented poet in Arabic poetry, has been compared to American Idol and is very popular in the Middle East.

CG Builder was the chosen product due to its huge flexibility. Its plug-in architecture, with over 90 plug-ins, makes it possible to develop all kind of key features a TV Show project like this requires.

Voting Systems, Virtual Graphics and Interactive Technologies such as ipad and touch screen were used to empower this famous and followed TV Show.

Voting systems
The votes, to choose the best poets, come from several inputs such as the audience, the judges, website or SMS.

To integrate the audience votes, wTVision developed a specific plug-in to integrate the results that come from the key pads the present people use to choose the best poet. These key pads are form Reply System company.


On-air Graphics
Several kinds of grahics are used to present the results of the contest: leads, full screen and virtual graphics. These graphics present the viewers with information such as: SMS results, Judges and audience votes, etc.

Technology integration
For these project several interactive technologies were used: Touch screens to show the poets videos, ipads to control graphics, virtual graphics using DVG from ORAD and the key pads.

CG Builder integrated with all these technologies, manages the data and serves as the playout graphics during the 15 programs of this famous TV Show.

As a service company, wTVision is also helping the client with the operation, during the shows, designed the graphics and made, once again, a completely customized solution to respond to all requirements of this technological complex project.