PR Lighting on Live and TV Duty in Belarus


When Russian pop rock band Zveri (Звери) played in front of between 3,000-4,000 fans at Minsk Sport Palace recently Blackout Studio (part of FE Belimlight) were appointed by the tour promoters to provide the lighting.

Given a fairly open rider, and based on their successful experience with PR Lighting fixtures in the past, they created an exciting show based around 25 XL1500 Wash and Spot fixtures; these were deployed as overhead effects.

Drawing heavily on the fixtures’ library of gobos, and making creative use of the zoom and dimmer effects, they were able to deliver an exhilarating stage show.


Said FE Belimlight’s Igor Piotrowski, “These products offer great feature-sets with good colour rendering and are easy to rig. They proved very popular with the artists’ production and tour promoters.’


The company has also been using PR Lighting fixtures on the second season of TV variety programme, Pop Cocktail, which runs to around 20 episodes.

The programme is screened on Belarus TV channel ONT — the state owned ‘Second Channel’, which combines localised productions with Russian Channel One. The popular light entertainment programme, designed to promote Belarus music in general, is recorded at the Belarusfilm Studio and features the brightest and most talented artists from the fields of popular music, folk, alternative music and dance (as well as cover versions of international hits).

FE Belimlight has enjoyed a long relationship with the channel and has been involved in lighting many of their shows.
Igor Piotrowski himself designed the lighting set, this time using around 50 XL1500 Wash and Spot fixtures, and also XL 700 Wash lights. The XL700’s were mounted on the back truss, with three trusses of XL1500 Spot overhead and finally, three pairs of trusses with XL1500 Wash on the front left and right sides.


Igor says that these fixtures are familiar items on TV stage sets and respond well to camera. “They have good reliability, brightness and gobos — but what makes them particularly popular among channel executives is the price. In fact they have been extremely complimentary about our work.”