MTV Video Music Awards with Innovative Equipment Made in Germany

RopeClimber at the MTV VMA 2011

At this year¹s MTV Video Music Awards, taking place in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 28th, specialized camera moving systems by the German think tank R-T-S Rail&Tracking Systems were used.

One of the designing engineers new developments is the so called Ropeclimber, which already gave its debut performance in the Madison Square Garden, NY. The upside down system is able to descend about 12 meters while running smoothly on a 65m track mounted to the ceiling.

The director was most impressed by the two brandnew Liftarm systems running on individually designed curved tracks around the stages during the live show. Despite its unobtrusive and slim design, Liftarm is able to carry compact stabilized remote heads such as the Nettmann StabC Compact without any problems.


US productions are relying increasingly on the technical innovations made by R-T-S.  They already used systems developed by the German engineering and rental company for the legendary Victoria¹s Secret Fashion Shows or the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Liftarm at the Nokia Theatre


In 2008, R-T-S was awarded with the Cinec Award for their high quality Trackrunner ENT. A Trackrunner high speed  modification has been used for the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and the Athletics WC in Daegu with its distinctive white dolly and 3D rig with a set of two cameras, delivering most impressive slow motion shots at the finish line.