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Mister Children live in Tokyo

Spidercam at Tokyo Dome

Mister Children, one of Japan's most favorite RockPop Bands at present, finished their "Supermarket Fantasy" Tour 2009 with three outrageous concerts in Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, the first concert was presented live on the Japanese WOWOW Pay TV channel, the other two events December 26th and 27th were, as well as the gig on Christmas Eve, used to produce footage for a new DVD of "Misuchiru", how the Japanese fans lovingly call their idols.

Spidercam received its Japan-premiere

Each night there came about 47.000 fans to the Tokyo Dome, one of Japan's biggest Arenas. Summing up there were 800.000 Mister Children enthusiasts joining 10 events in 5 cities. At the three closing concerts in Tokyo the PMT Professional Motion Technology Spidercam received its Japan-premiere at a live music concert. The system was appreciated by the producers and the DOP who experienced the Spidercam with growing enthusiasm.