Miss Universe Crowns Clear-Com as Queen of the Scene

OB Van Broadcasts International Beauty Pageant with Clear-Com Intercom Systems

Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, is pleased to announce that Broadcasting Televisão Ltda. a leading service provider specializing in capturing and transmitting multimedia content, utilized Clear-Com systems in its OB van to coordinate the broadcast of Miss Universe 2011, the most acclaimed international beauty competition for high-achieving women.

Savana Comunicações, Clear-Com’s exclusive distributor in Brazil, advised and provided the Clear-Com intercom systems for Broadcasting Televisão Ltda. Its state-of-the-art communications platform, comprising two Eclipse-Median digital matrix intercom, two IVC-32 high-density IP connection cards and 25 IP-enabled V-Series user control panels, offered flexible connections for seamless collaboration between the production team, directors, audio engineers and camera operators.

Miss Universe is not just a global beauty contest aired on television, but it is one of the most-watched live television specials in the world. Because of the versatility, robust capabilities and clarity of Clear-Com’s intercom systems, the broadcast team were able to deliver an optimal pageant viewing experience to over hundreds of millions of people.


The Eclipse-Medians, installed in the OB van’s server room, conveniently serve as the central, digital matrix frames for data and audio to be routed. The IVC-32 cards enabled direct IP connectivity from the Eclipse-Medians to the V-Series panels, which linked the production, post-production, audio, transmission and video control areas within and outside of the OB van.

By utilizing IP technology, cumbersome cable management was nonexistent and key assignments were easily programmed onto the V-Series panels over the IP network, facilitating a fast communications setup and quick production changes. Since the Eclipse allowed the broadcast team to have reliable and clear conversations, all operations, from orchestrating lighting and mixing audio to transmitting feeds and directing, were synchronized.

“Clear-Com is truly an unmatched intercom solution,” says Salvatore De Luca, Technical Director of Broadcasting Televisão Ltda. “The systems give us all the features, flexibility and control we could ever need in a communications system. With the help of Clear-Com, there is not a single live production, such as Miss Universe, that we could not broadcast with excellence.”   

“One of our faithful, long-time users, Broadcasting Televisão Ltda., recently transitioned into IP solutions. As a result, this simplified wiring while retaining the absolute reliability offered by wired systems, with no undesirable latency,” says Peter Giddings, Senior Executive Vice President of Global Events, Clear-Com. “This synthesis of powerful wired intercoms with advanced IP technology dramatically transforms communication and redefines intercom system innovation.”