Live "Fully Digital" Sound Recording


Euro Media France has just achieved a major first during the « La Grande Battle » show produced by Banijay and broadcast by France 2.

This music competition in which contemporary music groups perform a piece of classical music, benefited from the installation of 80 digital microphones used simultaneously for a live broadcast coordinated by Euro Media France sound crews headed by Gwen Yvon and Jean-Marc Lardy.

After carrying out a fully digital audio recording test during a rugby match, Euro Media France decided to offer a technical solution that ensures the best reliability and sound quality possible, using Sennheiser products.


It seems that this technique for recording, mixing and broadcasting had never been tried out before during a live musical show.


EMF's XXL3 OB unit was installed at studio 204-B. The crews were assisted by Yasta, a company that managed the 56 digital microphones (provided by Yasta and Espace concept) used to mix the music ready-for-airing as well as a 24-channel D9000 system (provided by Tapages & Nocturnes).  

The operation turned out to be a great success offering new opportunities for the future of digital sound technology.