Let’s Dance 2012 with mo2 and coolux Pandoras Box

One interesting detail of the lighting setup include the use of thousands of little NOVA LED sphere strips

For this year’s season of the German primetime TV hit show „Let’s Dance“, mo2 Design GmbH employed a variety of the latest coolux Pandoras Box products, including coolux’s brand new media encryption technology, to realise their lighting design vision.

The classic ballroom aesthetic of the previous season’s Florian Wieder designed studio set was generally kept, with the addition of a few subtle changes.

One interesting detail of the lighting setup include the use of thousands of little NOVA LED sphere strips, that were hanging from the ceiling to add an attractive softness to the overall dance floor’s appearance.

The intricate and challenging setup culminates in a perfect balance between modern studio technology and a timeless ballroom atmosphere.

One of the most easily recognizable changes between this year’s and last year’s season is the much more detailed LED-palm tree construction, that acts as an entrance gate for the celebrity contestants.


The mo2 Design GmbH team proved once more that they are serious about using cutting edge technology to realise their lighting design visions, when they decided to integrate the new Pandoras Box Matrix Patcher into their palm tree workflow.

The new Pandoras Box Matrix Patcher introduces a Map-View, making it possible to re-locate individual pixels for creative setups when working with conventional LED processors like e.g. Barco, Daktronics, Galaxia/Winvision etc.

“When working with uncommon LED-fixture shapes, this feature can save you up to 50% of the time usually needed for repositioning the pixels to fit the LED design in front of you.”, says mo2 Design’s video operator Thomas Mrozek.

Another new Pandoras Box technology that was successfully used throughout the entire broadcast production, is coolux’s new Media Encryption.


Customers now have a simple and effective way of protecting their exclusive content from being copied or misused, using state of the art AES 256bit encryption algorithms. Users will have the choice between code based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface, or dongle based encryption that would allow content to be played only during certain pre-defined times or on certain Pandoras Box servers.

Matthias Allhoff, mo2 Design GmbH’s Technical Director appreciates the new development:„Especially in the case of productions where the hardware will remain at a fixed spot for weeks on end, it makes a whole lot of sense to protect the content from unauthorized access. Especially for exclusive events this technology ensures that only those individuals get to see the content, who should see it.“


The mo2 Design team at this this year’s Let’s Dance season consists of a video operator, a lighting operator, a server farm operator, a DOP and the technical director.

- coolux Pandoras Box Version 5 Server
- appx. 12000 NOVA LED sphere strips
-  Barco DML 1200 dlp
- Barco Olite for palm construction


Broadcast network: RTL
Production company: ITV Studios Germany GmbH
Set Design: Wieder Design
Content Design: Gravity
Technical Supplier: CT