intellaspots Shine on German TV Music Awards Show

intellaspots and Road Hog Full Boar helped make Viva Comet 2011 a success

Germany honored its favorite pop music artists during the Viva Comet 2011 Awards. Meanwhile, the LD enjoyed the honor of debuting 12 High End Systems intellaspots on the televised event. “It is incredible! The light output is enormous, even with the color flags inside the beam. That’s a really good fixture,” said LD Lutz Kleine-Herzbruch of RGB GmbH in Essen, Germany.

The LD was further startled to discover that the 850-watt source compared more than favorably with its 1200-watt and 1500-watt competitors in the lighting rig. The intellaspot is a hard edge luminaire that offers groundbreaking innovations in optics, lamp configurations, high lumen output, energy efficiency, zoom range, and overall feature set — all at an economical price.

The sold-out show aired live May 27 on Viva, a TV network airing German language music and entertainment. Viva’s website provided a live streaming from the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Set designer was Florian Wieder of Wieder Design. The intellaspots were positioned on the floor at the sides and back of the stage, enabling the LD to create a special pyramid effect with the light beams. This special effect became the signature look in the show and was repeated during each award introduction.

Four Road Hog Full Boar consoles each with a DP8000 were specified. Two additional backup systems were also at FOH, although not needed as the primary consoles worked flawlessly. The remaining two systems were backups and not needed. One system controlled the media servers, while another system controlled the moving lights.


Media Server Operator Ben Schiller added two Road Hog Full Boar Playback Wings to his system to control three media servers. The media servers supplied the LED wall and the Barco projectors with customized video content and live video input.

Dominik Dohler controlled 200 moving lights including the intellaspots with the addition of two Road Hog Full Boar Wings. Preworks in Austria supplied the High End Systems gear, along with onsite technical support through their tech Michael Mayler.

Mayler, a freelance programmer, has been a Wholehog devotee starting a few years ago when he bought a Hog 3PC. He has since graduated to the Wholehog 3, which he loves to the point that he now sports a fresh Wholehog logo tattoo on his back. He enjoys the Full Boar as well, as it’s easily available at many production companies because of its lower cost and flexible expandability.

“The Wholehog consoles are easy to use,” Mayler said. “Their GUI uses fewer buttons. I don’t want to spend much time pushing buttons. I can edit cues fast and efficiently with the board’s layout. The Full Boar is a great console, cost effective, and it fits well in the market from small to large shows.”


PreWorks Managing Director Andreas Reinbacher said, “This shows that the intellaspot with its 850W source is able to compete successfully in the 1200W to 1500W lighting fixture class. Congratulations to Lutz Hugo Kleine-Herzbruch and his team for these impressive lighting looks on this popular annual show.”