Guaranteed Prize of One Million Euros in the MMC Studios

In the “SKL-Millionen-Show“ (SKL-Millions-Show) one of 20 contestants is sure to become a millionaire. On the latest show, which was recorded in the MMC Studios on April 29, 2015, Margit Schroeder from Upper Bavaria won one million euros. Three celebrity guests worked enthusiastically to bring luck to the candidates.

120-Minute Show Filled with Premium Excitement and Entertainment:
To get a chance to win the million-euro prize, would-be contestants needed an SKL (Southern German Class Lottery) ticket and a bit of luck. Contestants were chosen to participate in the show—which took place in the MMC Studios in Cologne—by a random selection from among all players in the lottery.

The excitement of the 20 contestants—who took part in the SKL-Millions-Show in MMC Studio 36—was accordingly high. They knew that one of them was guaranteed to go home as the winner of a million.


Three celebrity guests supported the candidates: actress Ursula Karven, entertainer Ross Antony and TV presenter Wayne Carpendale. The host of the show, Steven Gätjen, sent the guests into six action-loaded game rounds.

The celebrity guests showed a total commitment, as their goal was to generate money for charitable purposes. And obviously, they also contributed to the luck of the prizewinner in the end.

All figures together that had resulted from each round formed the lucky code. The last two digits were determined by the world’s largest lottery wheel. In the end, the digit sequence 2060826 made the candidate, Margit Schroeder, the prizewinner of one million Euros as her lottery number was closest to this lucky code.

The new millionaire, the celebrity guests—who in the end won 33,300 Euros for a charitable purpose—and the spectators all benefitted from the show. For the spectators, the 120-minute show brought great excitement and premium entertainment.


The musical highlight of the show was provided by Ross Antony who performed his new song “Bewundernswert“ (i.e.: admirable), live. René Richter contributed an artistic highlight—he showed that no one else has as powerful a bite as he does. Richter split a 2-euro coin with his teeth; held the thread of a drilling machine with his teeth until the motor started to smoke and even until the machine collapsed. And finally, he whirled Ross Antony through the air, as living carousel.


Production Notes:
'Die SKL-Millionen-Show' was produced by Brainpool TV. The show was recorded on April 29, 2015, at the MMC Studios in Cologne, Germany.

Ladislaus Kiraly directed the show, where a total of 8 cameras were used in the MMC Studio 36 which has a total area of 17,500 sq ft.

These cameras included three Grass Valley (GVG) LDK 8000 cameras on studio pedestals, one GVG LDK 8000 camera on a Super Techno 30 camera crane, on GVG LDK 8000 elite wireless handheld camera, as well as one GVG LDK 8000 elite wireless Steadycam. For special camera settings, two Toshiba IK-HD1 lipstick cameras were used.


The video signals were mixed on a GVG Kayenne XL (3.5 M/E) at MMC’s HD control room 11. The playbacks were carried out via four channels on a Grass Valley Summit Server. One EVS XT2 was used for the highlight editing and the Super SloMo. For the recording, six Sony XDCAM VTRs were available. For the audio signals, a wireless system Sennheiser DIGITAL 9000, DPA 4066 headset microphones, and receiving systems SR 2050 by Sennheiser were used, among other. The audio signals were mixed on a Lawo mc²56 console at MMC’s audio control room 11.


On behalf of MMC Studios, project manager Maria Lorf supervised the production. Theo Kuhlen (MMC Studios’ Production Engineer) and Jan Schubert (MMC Studios’ Head of Operations) were the technical managers.

Nico Roden, MMC’s Director Sales & Production, says about the project: "We’ve been supporting our clients for quite some time now with regard to productions that shall be distributed in the Internet or cross-medially. With the entertaining SKL-Millions-Show, we have realized another production that successfully reaches an audience online."

Viewers have been able to watch a full-length version of "The SKL-Millions-Show" at since May 6, 2015


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